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  1. I’ve been a resident in this street now 1989 and it has been a peaceful street up till 2014 when the neighbour from hell moved next door, and have been subjected to beatings and screaming towards his first wife and after finally leaving him he got married again and continued with the abuse which in turn she left him as well.
    He has also beaten his son and has caused all sorts of trouble and threats to other neighbours including myself which has been ongoing now for twelve months resulting to him taking me to court over a fence boundary issue and he has continually reported petty issues regarding my property to you and my wife and myself have had enough with his threats and bullying tactics and his overly loud voice at the rear when talking on his phone.
    The fence issue was resolved in the end and he had four weeks to realign the fence at his cost with me paying court cost and a fraction of money to his surveyor, and after all this crap in the last twelve months he finally got what he wanted and he did not move the fence in the end and has sent me a threatening letter to pay cost for the fence and his retaining wall.
    I have tried all sorts of avenues to you for peace at our home and don’t know what to do as our privacy has been compromised by this individual and as a rate payer and peaceful person the shire won’t do nothing.
    I complained to the shire when he wanted to put a patio on the side of his house as it would disturb our sleep and you the shire approved it and now have to listen to the going ons next door.
    Everything this man does regarding building and shire approval ,he does not follow the requirements by you and now I find out that after putting his patio to shire regulations of 500mm from the fence he 240mm from the fence so I complained and I have just found out he has a two year exemption on moving the patio to the correct plan and there’s nothing I can do including his down pipe runs along the fence line and the water now goes on my property but yet I had a visit from the shire about water run off on my land yet he gets away with it.
    This man is a vindictive person who has pleasure in causing trouble to all in this street especially me.
    If there is something you can do, please let me know as we are at our wits end.

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